Southeast Power

At Southeast Power Corporation, we are committed to our proactive approach to safety.

Our ‘Behavior Based Safety Program’ has produced an effective accident prevention program that has led to an outstanding safety record on our projects.  Critical elements include executive level management and oversight of full-time safety personnel, in-house certified training for CPR/First Aid, forklift operation, fall protection, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and aerial devices.  We enforce a drug-free workplace policy, and an Environmental Health and Safety program.

Southeast Power Corporation’s highest priority is safety education and regulatory compliance.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure an accident free workplace for all employees.

Safety training and personal awareness at all levels of our organization instills a genuine attitude of “Actively Caring for Safety!”

“Actively Caring for Safety” is our core value and reflects in our safety culture.

  • Executive level commitment and oversight
  • Behavior based approach to safety eliminates unsafe acts
  • Full time safety supervisors
  • On-going safety training for all employees